The Michigan Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters confer this honorary degree upon the Thrice Illustrious Masters of a Council once installed or a Past Thrice Illustrious Master.  The purpose of the degree is to impress upon Thrice Illustrious Masters the importance of the office to which they have been elected and to lend dignity and additional honor to the office.

Chronologically, the Silver Trowel precedes the Royal and Select degree. The Silver Trowel degree covers the final, and dying, days of King David and his desire that his son, Solomon, should be anointed King after him.

Michigan Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters, 2017-2018 Officers

Thrice Illustrious Master – Larry A. Inscho, No. 90

Thrice Illustrious Senior Warden – Corey F. Curtiss, No. 86

Thrice Illustrious Junior Warden – Stephen R. Striggow, No. 38

Thrice Illustrious Recorder/Treasurer – Brian K. Himes, PTIM, No. 8

Thrice Illustrious Steward – Gene E. Newman, No. 8

Thrice Illustrious Sentinel – Richard Hitch, No. 30

Thrice Illustrious Chaplain – John T. Updike, PTIM, No.4

Prologuizer –  Stephen Lambert, No. 59


1st        Gary L. Paquet, No. 59 (2016)

2nd       William H. Boyd, No. 38 (2017)

3rd        Harley D. Ridgeway No. 10 (2013)

4th        Kenneth Simons, No. 10 (2018)

5th        John A. Ames, No. 8 (2016)

6th        Edward P. James, No. 10 (2013)

7th        Donald C. Mayville, No.73 (2016)

8th        Steve J. Eliopoulos, No. 8 (2014)