Annual Proceedings




Recorders Forms

Revised Dues Notice (2013) (Form 77-116)
Petition for Membership other Council (Form 78-101)
Report of Petition for Festival Degrees (Form 78-103A)
Petition for Festival Degrees (Form 78-103 Obverse)
Petiton to Join & Form New Council (Form 78-105)
Petiton for Restoration (Form 78-106)
Report of Committee on Petition (Form 78-106A)
Notification to Petitoner (Form 78-107)
Notification to Grand Recorder of Election (Form 78-109A)
Notification to Grand Recorder of Change in Membership (Form 78-110A)
Certificate to Join and Form a New Council (Form 78-111)
Courtesy Request to Confer Degrees (Form 78-117)
Report on Progress to Confer Degrees (Form 78-117A)
Petition for Demit (Form 82-104)
Petition for Withdrawal (Form 82-104A)
Notice of Suspension (Form 82-113A)
Petition for Affilliation on Demit (Form 88-102)
Notification to Petitioner (Form 88-108)
Application for Transfer Certificate (Form 88-109)
Certificate of Election to Membership (Form 88-109A)
Transfer Certificate (Form 88-110)
Request to Grand Recorder for Life Member Certificate (Form 88-120)
Notice of Member in Abeyance (Form 94-116)
By-Laws Change – Recorders Certificate 
By-Laws Amendment Form
Council Recorder’s Handbook 


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